ehrana Live

Logistical solution for managing a fleet of delivery vehicles

Ehrana Live is a comprehensive logistical solution for restaurants that do not offer their own delivery service. Our company has developed an algorithm and a mobile application with the purpose of managing a fleet of delivery vehicles. We employ our own delivery fleet and currently provide our services to more than 15 different partners. A partnership with the service allows us to develop and improve our solution with real data, collected from deliveries performed in Ljubljana. Each deliverer uses the Ehrana Live mobile application to receive detailed and comprehensive instructions (as well as routes) for each pick up and drop off event, while our algorithm uses real-time data to compute the most optimal routes and distributions.

The entire system is designed to be applicable to any form of fast delivery services, including same-day package transport and intra-city courier services. Our algorithms provide reliable and optimal routing solutions for multiple pick up and drop off locations in real-time.

The development of the algorithms and the launching of the service was partially financed by The Slovene Enterprise Fund.

We are looking forward to further developing modern logistical solutions.