An online food ordering platform is a comprehensive system for online ordering of food delivery - available both as a web platform and mobile application. What distinguishes it from similar systems for e-commerce is the sophistication of the user interface, which brings the best possible user experience to both the customer and the merchant.

The system allows users a quick overview of the menus, and a simple process of ordering their dishes. Users can pay for their orders online, save their favorite orders, save multiple delivery addresses, get exclusive discounts, login with their Facebook account, etc. The user interface for the merchants is also highly tailored to their needs, allowing them to process orders quickly and easily, giving them a full overview of their order history - without causing any unnecessary interruptions of their workflow.

User experience has always been our main priority, which is the reason this service has been so successful on the Slovenian market. has over 60,000 users, with over 100 different delivery services. It's mobile application has been downloaded over 30,000 times, and is one of the highest rated Slovenian applications on Google Play.

The integration of our service to third-party systems is possible with the use of the API.